How to identify a fake DS Game

Are you worried if the DS game you bought is fake? You might have been having issues with the seller since he may not have 99% good feedback like you see on other sites like eBay or Amazon. This simple article will tell you real ways to know if the one you purchased is fake. Just follow these listed steps.

1. Look closer at the box: Pick up the box and look at it closer to check if the pictures are poor quality. You can also take off the cover and then check if it’s shiny. If it looks like a regular paper, then it is not real. Next, look at the back for any seal, to verify the authenticity. If you see European seal, then it looks okay.

ds game cover

2. Look inside the box: If you see any game booklet, when you open the box, then you should check if the text looks pirated. Is it clearly written for easy reading? You should check out for images and serial number noted on it. If there is no serial number, it is a clear identification that it’s absolutely not original.

3. If there is no manual, what should you look at? Well it is hard to find empty cases of DS games since they are few authentic ones. You should check the box if there is any Nintendo logo. Fake ones don’t have this on them. Make sure the image is on colored and not on dotted lines or black and white. It should also not look like something that can be pulled off easily.

ds game box

4. Look at the cartridge: Hold he game clip out and look at the front. Check the sticky have rounded corners and looks glossy. The bottom left should have a chip on it. Check if the Nintendo DS logo on it looks pirated, if it does, then it is a clear indication that it is fake.

5. Check the back of the DS: The back is more suitable to know if the game is authentic. Check if the image on it is clearly visible and doesn’t look shabby. Make sure there is TM next to the logo and also check if colour prescribed on it is clear and beautiful.

6. Put in the game: When you might have done those 5 processes, insert the game and see if it displays the game and correct image for it. If everything is okay at this level, you might have gotten a good DS game.

It is more important to go for sellers with good number of feedbacks, so that you won’t buy something that is totally wrong. Also, try and tell others that about this, in order to help them in their next buy.